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Educational Offerings

Fulfilling the continuing education needs of the many professional disciplines affiliated with providers of long term health care services is an essential service provided to KAHCF’s membership. In today’s dynamic professional environment, KAHCF has endeavored to identify, develop, and offer a wide variety of innovative and relevant educational opportunities that truly satisfy the educational needs of our members and their staffs. KAHCF offers a number of educational programs throughout the year including:


This five-day program is specifically designed for the activity coordinator and those who fulfill the dual role of activity coordinator/social service coordinator to assist them in their daily work by increasing awareness of changes in the long term care environment. This course satisfies the state requirement for certification of an activity coordinator. KAHCF offers this course twice a year.

LTC Management Training Course
(formally New DON & Administrator Training)

This two-day course is designed for the new long term care department head in your facility. Many department heads are new to their position and often times new to the long term care profession. This course is designed for department heads who have two or less years of experience or are new to long term care in Kentucky. Today’s LTC Department Heads face many challenges - increased regulation, a shrinking workforce, and an aging patient population. Unlock the mysteries of being a successful department head by learning the keys to success, and the tools you need to survive today’s long term care environment.


This comprehensive two-day introductory program will provide the attendee with “item by item” review instruction for the completion of the MDS. The course will cover the MDS Manual and how to use it, discuss the timing of the completion of the MDS, and review the Resident Assessment Instrument (RAI) process, including the procedures for completing the Resident Assessment Protocols (RAP’s), and linking the assessments to individualize care plans. This course is designed to provide education for Administrative Staff, MDS Coordinators, Nursing Staff, and all other staff completing a facility’s MDS. KAHCF offers this course twice a year.


This program provides attendees with an in-depth analysis of the Resident Assessment Process (RAI) as it relates to: reimbursement (RUGs) and the necessary supportive documentation; Quality Indicators; and, the survey process. The RAPs and Care Plan will also be discussed as they relate to these issues. This course does not cover the basics of how complete the MDS. This course is designed for individuals with six months to one year or more of MDS experience and a basic understanding of the QI, RUGs, and survey process, including MDS Coordinators (and “back up” licensed staff), Administrators, and all members of the Interdisciplinary MDS/Care Plan Team. KAHCF offers this course twice a year.


This two day basic training course was developed in response to a need voiced by practicing Social Workers and Social Work Designees in long term care facilities. The course is designed to cover the function of social services from “A to Z” – learning the role, function, and value of social work in LTC facilities; to provide material that can be the basis for social work practice in LTC facilities; and to comprehensively cover the psychosocial needs of residents and how to meet them. Since a recent Department of Justice report indicated that residents’ social service needs are not being addressed in long term care facilities, survey agencies have been instructed by CMS to focus on this area during surveys. If you are new to the long term care field and need guidance, or if you are an experienced Social Worker in need of a “refresher” course, this is the training to attend! KAHCF offers this course once a year.


This course will educate nurses to become qualified teachers of nurse aide training courses in the long term care setting. This is an intensive 2-day course covering philosophy, course preparation, learning styles of adult students, domains of knowledge, performance and training techniques, use of lesson plans, instructional methods, and use of instructional aids. It will also include an in-depth discussion of how to use the nurse aide curriculum as developed by the Kentucky Department for Medicaid Services. KAHCF offers this course twice a year.


This course is designed for those nurses who currently serve as the "trainer" in their facility and have successfully completed the Nurse Aide Training "Method of Instruction" course. This course is being provided as a follow-up session to deal with issues relating to training nurse aides and will fill a need that is not currently being addressed by any other nurse aide training program. The nurse who completes this course will be able to create a facility-based inservice program by
  • Developing an inservice program from a lesson plan;
  • Discussing the importance of good communication;
  • Discussing formats for inservice programs;
  • Understanding the requirements mandated by the State of Kentucky and OBRA for facility-wide inservice;
  • Preparing records that meet State requirements;
  • Organizing their facility's inservice education programs.
  • KAHCF offers this course once a year.


KAHCF offers annual discipline specific educational programs on current issues for Dietary, Activity, and Environmental Services professionals. KAHCF provides a number of other educational seminars throughout the year on current issues facing providers of long term care. It is the goal of KAHCF to meet the ever changing needs of our members by providing the most up to date information on the professions trends and developments in the areas of reimbursement, survey, certification and enforcement, public policy/legislation, workforce development and training, management/leadership, and other health care issues.


KAHCF offers On-Line Registration on the KAHCF website - - for all free standing educational seminars and conventions. Simply click on the Calendar on the home page of the website, scroll down to the seminar for which you wish to register, click on register here under the seminar and complete the form. For more information or details on a specific program please contact, Angela Porter, Director of Professional Development at KAHCF (502) 425-5000 or via e-mail at or check the calendar on the KAHCF website at for upcoming seminars.