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Regulatory Alert

August 24, 2017

QRP Data Submission Deadline Extended 

Yesterday, CMS notified providers they would be delaying the QRP data submission deadlines due to SNF QRP report issues. As a result, CMS said in a notice published yesterday that it is working to change the data submission deadlines for quarters one, two and three of Calendar Year 2017 to the deadline for quarter four. In that case, all data for assessment-based measures would remain open for modifications until May 15, 2018. CMS said it also will apply that deadline for all quarters of reporting to the Fiscal Year 2019 payment update determinations. The CMS notice is included below:

Post-Acute Care Quality Reporting Programs

Update: SNF QRP Report Issues & Data Submission Deadline Extension

We recently notified Skilled Nursing Facility providers that we found two issues in our technical coding of the Review and Correct Report, one of which also affects the Confidential Feedback Report (due for release in October 2017).

Due to technical coding issues, CMS is working on modifying the assessment measure data submission deadline dates for quarters one, two and three of Calendar Year 2017 to coincide with the quarter four Calendar Year 2017 deadline of May 15, 2018.

Further guidance and timelines has been posted to the SNF Quality Reporting Program Data Submission Deadlines webpage.

If you have any questions concerning this, please contact Janet Justice at jjustice@kahcf.org or Wayne Johnson at wjohnson@kahcf.org or at the Association office at (502) 425-5000.

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